Peace Pole Stand

Enough people asked how to create a stand to hold a peace pole up temporarily that I posted these two options, one with a flat base, and one that is collapsible. (But not enough people asked for me to update this page).

Normally, to hold something upright, the diameter of the base should be one third of the height of the structure. A peace pole 100 inches tall would need a base 33 inches in diameter. If it is for display indoors where there is no wind and people will not be tying horses to it, you can make the diameter smaller.

Flat Base

A simple base would be a 2.5 foot diameter circle (or square) cut out of 1/2 inch plywood and a 1.5 foot piece of 4 by 4 (or two pieces of 2 by 4 screwed together) fastened to the center of the plywood for the upright, perhaps with four screws 3 inches long. The problem with one lag bolt instead of four screws is that the 1/2 inch thick plywood is not thick enough to countersink the head of a bolt.


Another way to make a stand is shown below. This is what I use for temporary stands. Storing the stands is my problem. I need stands that fold flat. I'm not bothered by legs sticking out.

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The short white post slid over the stand is not part of the stand. It is the bottom of a full size pole. This short piece of one made the final photo more understandable when looking down in the top of it so you could see how the stand sits inside the pole.

There is no glue or other fastener. Slide the top piece of the stand over the bottom piece and set the peace pole on it. When you are done, take it apart again. I have used this one over and over for years.

The upright sections should be about 4.5 inches wide, maybe a little more. The notches (where they slide together) should be slightly wider than the thickness of the plywood.

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