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Round Stainless Steel Peace Pole

Round stainless steel peace pole with cavaities and ridgesSome think that the first thing a work of art should be is interesting. Otherwise, no one pays attention to it. When the original owners of this one were selling their house in Michigan the buyers of the house wanted this pole included in the contract, but the owners would not sell it. Eventually they moved to a condo with no room for it. So now their daughter has it in her backyard. It is a legacy being handed down for generations.

The daughter is near Washington D.C. where, she says, everyone who comes to their house talks about it. So it is being interesting a the way that art should.

The photos show it without text because over time I have a habit of changing the way I make text, and I don't make this peace pole often enough to have photos of the latest method, but the next one of these will have raised text on it. I'll take a photo of that soon.

It comes with 4 languages of your choice. More could be added for $200 each. I like this one less crowded with text, but if someone wanted lots of text, I probably would find a way to make that an option I liked as well. But sometimes the message that is whispered is the one most loudly heard. One single language, not necessarily English, would be a very cool whisper on this peace pole.

This stainless steel peace pole can be made in varying heights and widths. The one shown has 10 feet of height above ground (though it could be considerably taller if that was desired) and varies in width between 10 and 14 inches. Its cross section is nearly round in some parts and more of an oval in others.

It costs $12,000 and takes 3 months to make.

This peace pole could be made into a fountain with water trickling down its sides.

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