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Animal Tracks/Paw Prints
for Peace Poles

This page was created when I still was etching designs into metal rather than cutting them through. Not all of the designs below will work with this technique. Ones that I believe will work are bobcat, mountain goat, deer, dog, bison, and caribou. The others will take some work to see what can be done with them.

Aligator Tracks__Badger Paw Print__Beaver Paw Print__Bison Paw Print
Alligator, Badger, Beaver, Bison 


Caribou Paw Print for Peace Poles__Mountain Goat Paw Print for Peace Poles__Elephant paw print for Peace Poles
Caribou, Mountain Goat, Elephant 


Penguin paw print for Peace Poles__Bear paw print for Peace Poles__Deer paw print for Peace Poles__Otter paw print for Peace poles
Penguin, Bear, Deer, Otter 


Turkey paw print for Peace Poles __ Canine paw print for Peace Poles __ Bobcat paw print for Peace Poles
Turkey,  Dog,  Bobcat

Skunk paw print for Peace Poles __ Grasshopper tracks for Peace Pole __ Wild Boar paw print for Peace Poles
Skunk, Grasshopper, Wild Boar 


Turtle tracks for Peace Poles __ Opossum paw prints for Peace Poles __ Heron paw print for Peace Poles __ Kangaroo paw prints for Peace Poles
Turtle, Opossum, Heron, Kangaroo

These are paw prints more than animal tracks. Animal tracks would be more like the Turtle tracks shown above, giving a sense of things like whether the tail is dragged and the relationship between the front and hind paws in the tracks.

In most cases these paw prints are hind paws. There often is a significant difference between the front paws and hind paws, as with kangaroo paws. The paw print we have chosen for the kangaroo is the right hind paw. The left hind paw is a mirror image of the right.

However, in a few cases a hind and a front paw is displayed, like with the opossum. The long fingers of the opossum were too interesting not to show.

Some of my text may be outside the box. . . Hey, I'm an artist.