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Dedication Ceremonies

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Sometimes the first ceremony is opening the box containing the peace pole. We have been told many times of people not opening that box when it arrived, but instead waiting until all those involved in the project gathered to open it together (although it is prudent, immediately upon receipt, to check to see how it fared in shipping).

Peace Pole being carried in dedication ceremonyOther times the ceremony includes the planting of the peace pole. The ceremony can begin with people gathering around the spot where the peace pole is to be planted and taking turns removing shovelfuls of soil with the posthole digger (see installation). Then the peace pole can be carried to the site to be unveiled and planted.

Peace Pole being stood up in dedication ceremonyOther times the peace pole already has been planted when people arrive to dedicate it. The first two photos on this page are of planting it the night before at the Greenshire Arts Consortium in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. The next day the ceremony began by leading the gathering to the peace garden to unveil the peace pole.

Veiled peace pole at dedication ceremonyThe dedication might begin with a few words on the history and purpose of Peace Poles, why these particular languages were chosen, and how this community became aware of the need for this peace pole.

Unveiling the peace pole at the dedication ceremonyNative speakers of the languages on the peace pole sometimes read the translations aloud. When native speakers cannot be found, others can learn how to pronounce the translations. To help with that, recordings of many of the translations can be listened to here.

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Ceremonies, pg. 1 | Ceremonies, pg. 3