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The wrapped Peace PoleDedication Ceremonies

Ceremonies, pg.2Ceremonies, pg. 3

This ceremony was at the rural retreat of The Unity Center in San Diego, California.

This copper and bronze peace pole was shipped in a wooden crate. They used it to hide their peace pole until its unveiling. They removed one end and one side from the crate so that they could slide it over the standing peace pole. Then covered it with a drape in order to surprise the 450 people who were coming without knowing that they were dedicating a peace pole.

Peace Pole dedication ceremony gatheringThey met down a trail out of sight of the peace pole and the labyrinth that secretly had been built around it. They were walked to its location where a guitar-playing-Unveiling the Peace Pole singer with a cordless mic directed them into a circle around the perimeter of the labyrinth. Everyone held hands. After a few words had been sung and spoken, they were invited to move closer. The drape and the box were removed.

Ribbons tied to ring at top of peace poleAround the top was an embroidery ring to which were tied lengths of ribbon. There was one ribbon for each of the 33 translations, and one for the images of the earth on the pole, and one for the animal tracks around the bottom. 35 ribbons in all dangled down.

Ribbons extended above the heads of the crowd dedicating the peace poleEach was rolled into a coil with a rubber band it to kee it from hitting the ground. Each time the name of a translation was spoken a rubber band was removed. As the translation was read out loud, the ribbon was unrolled as it was passed over the heads of the crowd. During this a few words were said about the language and the people who spoke it and their being one with all of the people in the world. Then there were thirty seconds of silence before doing the same thing for the next language.

Peace Pole at center of LabyrinthIn the end the ribbons attached to the peace pole at one end and held aloft by the crowd out to the other end united all the people at the ceremony with all the languages and, in a way, all the people in the world.

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Ceremonies, pg.2Ceremonies, pg. 3

The photo below is of a labyrinth made of children's shoes, mostly brand new, to be donated to homeless children in a community (in Rockford, Illinois) where many students came to school in flipflops, which are not safe on a playground and break easily, because they had nothing better to wear.

Peace Pole Dedication Ceremony's labyrnth of shoes dedicated to a cause