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6-Sided Copper
Peace Pole

I'm not making any more copper peace poles this year (2016). I have a better idea. I have to make time to develop it.

Copper 6 sided peace poleCopper has turned out to be popular. I have shipped copper peace poles from Dubai to Hawaii. At the time of this writing, the five most recently shipped were to a church in downtown Chicago (where it stands at a busy intersection); a school in Ann Arbor, Michigan; a wellness center in St. Augustine, Florida; the Yale Divinity School; and a public location in the town of Canton, Connecticut.

Stainless steel text on copper peace poleI'm developing new work for the copper peace poles. One version involved laying stainless steel text laid on the copper peace pole, as at right. It took so much time that to do another one would cost $20,000. I am working on a different method that forms the copper instead. I am one guy with so much to do. It's taking a while.

The copper peace pole shown at left was for a customer who requested a 3-sided peace pole. They used an image of a candle to represent their cause. So on each side of their cap I created a different image of a candle.

Most of the photos on this page are of new patina, except for the one below right that is of a cap on a 7-sided copper peace pole that I put here to show a more mature patina.

I put copper peace poles through a process that puts a hundred years of patina on them before I ship them, but it is geared toward bringing out the blues because that is what takes a hundred years to develop. Copper Peace Pole Cap for 7-sided peace poleThe blues will tone down, reds will become deeper and greens will appear as it weathers, as can be seen happening in the 7-sided cap at right (click to enlarge). Those changes will start to become visible after just a few rainstorms.

However, I can ship this design with no patina, just shiney copper, if you prefer. If I do that it will be 50 years before the blues and greens start to appear. Until then it will be brown, unless you are in one of the few regions where copper does not change color in the weather, like parts of Colorado and Arizona where it would stay copper colored.

6-Sided Copper Peace Poles
6-sided-copper-peace-pole 6-sided with 6 translations as shown at left and above. . . . $5,900 (free shipping)
Additional translations are $200 each. It comes with 6. There is room for 6 more.

To ask questions or place an order, call or text 513-348-4744 or Email me.

Payment Options: purchase orders, checks, credit cards, etc.

Planting or Installating
No cement needed. Dig a 20-inch deep posthole, set the peace pole in it, and tamp the earth back in around it.

They weigh only about forty pounds. So having a group carry one, perhaps above their heads under a veil, to the planting site during a ceremony is easy to do.