Pentagonal Copper Peace Pole


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Five-sided peace pole
(Also available with 6 or 7 sides
Photos of the 7-sided one are more
representative of the cap I will put on this now )

I had not been happy with the four-sided  peace poles I had seen and had made. They were too small in diameter and seemed spindly and without meaning. Five sides fixed that. Five sides provides one side for each continent, like the five rings of the Olympic flag, and makes it bigger so it has a greater presence (for even more presence it also is available with six sides at this link). Since the pole itself makes a statement as much as the text on it, I wanted the aesthetics to support the message in this way.

Copper peace poles have been the most popular of my large peace poles. I have shipped them from Dubai to Hawaii. At the time of this writing, the five most recently shipped were to a church in downtown Chicago (where it stands at a busy intersection); a school in Ann Arbor, Michigan; a wellness center in St. Augustine, Florida; the Yale Divinity School and one for the town of Canton, Connecticut.


Over one hundred and fifty translations of the phrase "May Peace Prevail on Earth" are available. Click translations to see the list.

Planting / Installing

Copper peace pole installed by burying a portion. No cement is necessary. Just dig a post hole 20 inches deep, slide the peace pole in and backfill it with the earth that came out of the hole.

They weigh only about forty pounds. So having a group carry it to the planting site during a ceremony is easy to do.

To ask questions or place an order, call or text 513-348-4744 or Email me.


One of my copper peace poles was planted at a high school where their peace pole is the focal point for students resolving differences. When there is a squabble or a confrontation, the tradition is to send the students to the peace pole to read the message, think about the purpose of their peace pole and figure out how to arrive at peace themselves. Originally they did this around a wooden pole. When they built a new school, they decided that their peace pole had come to have such importance in their community that they wanted one that lived up to that importance. They upgraded from a wooden peace pole to a five-sided copper peace pole.


Click this link to be taken to another site to see an article about the installation ceremony for a copper peace pole near the beach in Florida, USA.


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