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Installation/Planting Instructions:

Post hole ready to receive peace poleWith a posthole digger (shown below) dig a narrow hole like the one at right.. Set the peace pole in it and then backfill it with the earth that came out of the hole, tamping as you go perhaps with a 2-by-4. Stone poles need a hole 32 inches deep. Metal peace poles need one about 20 inches deep. There is no need to reach the frost line in either case.

Line drawing of a post hole diggerPosthole diggers can be rented from tool rental companies for about five dollars per day or purchased for around $25 at hardwares and at Amazon.com. On many devices clicking the image at right brings up an animation of me in sandals using one. If that doesn't work on your device, on the web there are videos by others telling you to wear steel toed boots when you do this.Those will open on your device.

tilting peace pole into holeLimestone Peace Pole PlantingA narrow hole is good because the less earth disturbed around the peace pole, the better the earth will support it.

Before digging, you could mark a spot on the handle measured from the bottom of the digger to help you judge when to stop digging.

Once the pole is in the hole, to get it plumb (vertical - not leaning) it can be useful to hold two levels against two different sides at the same time.


Metal peace poles can be slid over stakes or posts in some locations.

For temporary stands, click here.

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