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Invisible Peace Pole

A column made of sound.

Recordings of "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in over 90 languges play in a narrow column of sound.

It is referred to as hyper sonic sound. It is a narrow column of sound that has little spillover. People five feet away cannot hear it. But within the column it as like wearing a headset even though the sound source might be quite a distance away. It can sound as though someone is whispering in your ear or it can sound like a train is roaring past while people five feet away hear nothing.

You could paint a circle on the floor with the word "Peace" in it. When someone steps into that circle, the heavens speak.

Usually these are left running 24 hours a day since the sound does not disturb anyone who isn't in the column. For people who do not want to leave it running, the best solution might be to put it on a manual switch and turn it off when no one is around, like at night.

The Cost

$1,999.00 not including shipping and mounting brackets and installation. It includes an onboard amplifier and playback device that will receive your microSD card.

The recordings of the translations are free and can be heard and downloaded at this link.

Some of my text may be outside the box. . . Hey, I'm an artist.