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Javanese is the tenth or twelfth most widely spoken language in the world. It is the largest language without an official status, spoken or understood by approximately 100 million people. Malay is the official language in the region and most speakers of Javanese use that for commercial and official communication.

Below is a Javanese translation. There are three different levels of Javanese, Formal, less formal, and least formal. The translator of this chose the less formal version.

Mugo-mugo ndonya tentrem terus

In spite of it having no official status, a generation ago the Indonesian department of education decided to stop teaching its many different dialects and instead promote Javanese as a national language so that people all over Indonesia would be better able to communicate. To that end they adopted the Latin (AKA English) alphabet as the standard for their language. Fluent speakers of it who are under about 60 years of age are not fluent enough in the old Javanese alphabet to provide translations of that and prefer seeing it translated as above.