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Peace Pole Labyrinth

A maze is a puzzle with dead ends and miscues. It requires focusing on the path analytically to discover how to find the end. A labyrinth is the opposite. Once one enters, following it does not require attention. The path leads to the center. Getting to the center will entail walking every bit of the path, but there are no dead ends or wrong turns.

There are many ways to describe the value or purpose of this, but one is that it frees one to think about larger matters. One's body already is engaged in a task - walking. In the labyrinth shown, it takes ten to fifteen minutes to reach the peace pole at the center and equally long to follow the same path back out. At the center are benches on which one can sit next to the peace pole.

Peace Pole at center of Labyrinth

I had been working on this peace pole and was waiting for something to dry. To pass a few minutes I started walking the labyrinth. Halfway to the center I looked up and said, "I get it. It's working. Even for me with all that I have to do to finish this peace pole." It was an interesting experience.

This peace pole is at a retreat outside San Diego, California. It is a project of The Unity Center. A bit more about their peace pole is here.