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Stone Peace Pole Lift Gate Delivery

Liftgate truckIf you don't have a loading dock, your limestone peace pole will arrive on a truck that has a lift gate. This gate can lower your peace pole onto a couple of your furniture dollies on the ground.

Someone in your circle has furniture dollies. furniture dolly for moving peace polePeople keep them in their garages and basements forever once they use them. The one in the photo is sold by Harbor Freight for $16 and holds a thousand pounds. I bought several there 20 years ago and they still work fine.

Liftgate unloading peace pole Liftgate unloading limestone peace pole Liftgate unloading peace pole

Two furniture dollies are needed, one under each end of the crate. The truck driver will lower the lift gate so that each end of the crate is supported by a dolly. Then the crate can be rolled away from the lift gate.

Ditto Liftgate series Crate on two dollies

Depending on the smoothness of the pavement and the experience of the people, it can be helpful to have at least three people rolling it. I move them by myself, but I have had practice.

Sliding peace pole out of crate and into hole

When the Simi Valley United Methodist Church in California received their limestone peace pole they took these photos so that they could be posted here to help the next person see the process. Wasn't that nice of them?