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Payment Options

I accept Credit Cards, Checks, Purchase Orders, and PayPal.

MasterCard logoCredit card
Taken over the phone (MasterCard or Visa). Payment is authorized immediately, but the charge is not put through until the day the peace pole is shipped.Visa logo

Purchase order
Attach the number to an email or fax it. Funds are not transferred until you receive your peace pole.

Most people send the full amount up front, but the arrangement also can be for a deposit of half before I start. The second half is due when your peace pole is ready to ship.

An invoice is issued through PayPal. You need only click on it to authorize the payment. As with checks, most opt for one payment up front, but the two payment scenario is fine as well.

I've looked into accepting Bitcoins. If that interests you, let me know.

My phone and email is at the top of most pages if you have questions or want to place an order.