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Steeple-Shaped peace pole made out of stainless steel

Steeple-Shaped Peace Pole

My wife came out into the yard to look. I had stood this peace pole up to get a look at it myself. I had experimented by building this design in a varity of sizes in order to see what it felt like in different sizes. She looked up at this one and said, "This feels right, like the size every peace pole should be."

"Size itself has its own impact, and physically we can relate more strongly to a big sculpture than to a small one."
—Henry Moore, world famous sculptor

Governments build large, durable monuments for a reason. Size and substance make a difference. They put strength behind the message.

This one has 14 feet of height above ground (with 2 and 1/2 feet below).

In cross section it is triangular, which is a very strong shape. That means it has three sides, which visually is an interesting shape. And the number three is a meaningful number for many people.

At right is a photo of the Steeple Peace Pole with a normal size cedar peace pole leaning next to it. Steeple-shaped Peace Pole

14-foot Steeple Shaped Peace Pole
Price . . . . . $11,500.00
Shipping included
To ask questions or place an order, call 513-348-4744 or Email me.
Payment Options

6 translations are included. Additional are $100 each. Up to 3 additional can be added for a total of 9 translations. At right they are shown etched into the metal, but now they would be cut into it as with my other stainless steel peace poles.

Installation: No cement needed. Dig a 30-inch deep posthole, set the peace pole in it, and tamp earth back in around it (some 40-foot tall highway lightpoles are installed in this way).


A 10-foot, version of this peace pole is available as well. With 6 languages it is $8,500, shipping included.

The text will be cut through the metal as with the other stainless peace poles shown on this site.

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