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Stainless Steel Turret Peace Pole

Stainless steel peace pole capPeace Pole, stainless steel, six-sidedOne of my metal peace poles was planted at a high school where their peace pole is the focal point for students resolving differences.When there is a squabble or a confrontation, the tradition is to send the students to the peace pole to read the messages on it, think about the purpose of their peace pole and figure out how to arrive at peace themselves.Originally they did this around a wooden pole. When they built a new school, they decided that their peace pole had come to have such importance in their community that they wanted one that lived up tothat importance. They upgraded from a wooden peace pole to a metal peace pole.

Peace pole, stainless steel, midst daisiesI don't have bargains very often, but at the moment I have one of these already made that I could sell for $600 less if the following languages are acceptable to you: English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew and Russian. If you still have fund raising to do, just give me a desposit and I'll hold it for you.

Stainless peace pole cap and its reflectionStainless Steel Peace Pole Prices
5% discount to non-profits
6-sides with 6 translations . . . . $4,900 (free shipping)
Additional translations are $100 each. There is room for up to 6 more. Dedications and commemorations also can be added.

With questions or to place an order, call or text me at 513-348-4744 or Email me.

Payment Options include purchase orders, checks, credit cards, etc.

Note from a blog:
“The Peace Pole was a complete work of art
that shows creativity & craftsmanship on the part of the artist.”
- Andrea Kay Smith, www.AtlantaPeaceTrails.com

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Upgrading to Metal

I use a very high grade of stainless steel referred to as 316. People in the metal industry think I am going overboard by spending so much. But over the years it doesn't get the white, powdery oxidation normal to other stainless steels (like series 304). It remains shiny even after years in acid rain. Ten years later it looks as fresh as one made yesterday. The one by my front door proves it.

TV news about one at this link.