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Steel Peace Poles

If you would like to see other designs in steel, perhaps unpainted, perhaps in Corten, perhaps a box beam or an I-beam with text cut through, perhaps one made out of chains welded together, either painted or not, get in touch: 513-348-4744.

The peace pole below was made to address two problems.

Blue curving steel peace pole1) On occasion permission to plant peace poles has been denied by park boards or zoneing boards because they were viewed not as art but as signage since they only were posts with text, like street signs. Sculptures would have been acceptable, but signs were not.

2) Some people look at peace posts with text on them and say, "That's it? A post with text?" Peace poles like this one fix both of those problems.

9.5-foot, 3-sided, Peace Pole Sculpture
Price .......................... $9,500
Shipping ......................$450 (lower 48 states USA)
Total ............................$9,950.00

Included are 3 translations (one on each side) of raised steel type.

Installation: Drive the three included steel stakes into the ground with a hammer. They bolt into receptors inside the pole.

Longevity: An iron fence in a park in New York City, put there by the Dutch, is almost 500 years old and has no rust because it has been kept painted.

Illuminated base of peace pole at night

Illumination: This Peace Pole sits on stakes which allows the possibility of illuminating the ground around it from inside of it.

Paint: Other colors are available. Or I'll prime it and you paint it. I can explain how to achieve the effect in the photo below left (click to enlarge). And also how to get this color, and others, that are not available in any housepaint store. They swear they can make any color, but THEY CANNOT. They do not know that themselves. They are not artists. This is art, not housepainting.

Peace Pole's blue paint-job up closeApplying the paint with this texture involves two wide paint brushes each dipped in different colors that get mixed on the peace pole with a minimum of strokes. I designed it to be easy to replicate when it is time to repaint, or when you want to do the original painting yourself.

However, the brush marks don't have to be visible. A few cans of spray paint could be all that was necessary. I can tell you what kind to buy for it to last a dozen years.

To ask questions or place an order, call or text 513-348-4744 or Email me.

Peace Poles as Public Art