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Underwater Peace Pole

A message from us for 5000 years from now?

Underwater Peace Pole construction diagram

I was approached by non-profit oUnderwater Peace Polerganization that wanted to place a stainless steel peace pole 30 to 40 feet underwater on the floor of the ocean. I designed a stainless steel peace pole set in a cement pad and devised a method for delivering it to the ocean floor with nothing more than a fishing boat (which can be read about here).

This would be a peace pole rooted in the bottom, like peace poles are on land, but did that make sense underwater? It wasn't on land. It was land technology fighting its underwater environment. So I designed a peace pole that regards the water as an advantage rather than an obstacle.

Anchored Bouyant

This one is buoyant and chained to an anchor to keep it rooted. Bouyant Underwater Peace Pole anchored down Over time algea growth potentionally could make it less bouyant as well as obscuring the text. I experimented with a substance NASA invented that could keep organic growth from being able to stick to it. The organization that requested this work kept saying that money was no object and that they were going to send a deposit, so I spent money on things like testing that substance in salt water. But they never sent a check. Eventually I stopped working on it. It leaves me with designs and thoughts that have nowhere to go. And with these pages that originally were posted show them how things were progressing.

To scale back, since there no longer was a budget, I stopped experimenting with expensive, high-tech things like NASA coatings. Instead, for whatever it might do to keep algae from becoming a problem, I decided to hang a scrub brush on a cable for anyone swimming by who wanted to see what it says under the algae.

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Working on this left me intrigued with another thought - using the ocean as a kiln. What if peace poles were designed to degrade in aesthetically interesting ways underwater. To read more about that Stage Four.

If I finish this on my own, someday the GPS co-ordinates might be posted here for divers who want to find the submerged peace pole. But that could be a long time in coming.

Underwater peace poles: Stage Four | Stage Five | Experiment

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