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Welding Shed

Peace Pole sculpture that twists and curves more than usualWith all of the links to peace poles you clicked on the photo of my welding shed?

Actually, there was good reason to. It is an example of one way to treat steel peace poles. Neither the shed nor the sculpture at right are made of Corten or other weatherable steel. They are just regular steel. And yet they don't rust. At least not anymore. I let them rust for a year and then locked up the rust by spreading boiled linseed oil on them (available at Home Depot or Lowes or Wallmart or most hardware stores - a $7 quart will last for several years). It is a process that must be repeated a couple of times a year (in rainy climates), but it takes only about ten minutes. It can be done with a rag or a paint roller.

Most any of the peace pole designs seen on this site can be made of steel and be handled this way so that you have the texture and color of the rust. And you are finding that out only because you were inquisitive enough to click on a photo of a welding shed - brilliant of you.

At this link, painted steel peace pole, is some information about painted steel peace poles that isn't available to people who don't click on welding shed photos. Be kind to them. They try.

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