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Peace Poles: Why are they so important to the world?

Written by Ken Lambert, our Peace Correspondent in India

In a world where mayhem and chaos are ever-existent, so is peace and hope. Today, the best way to support and promote peace is to opt for peace poles that carry the message “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in different languages depending on where you happen to live. Peace poles are internationally-recognized symbols that represent dreams and hope for the complete human population. Whether it is a garden peace pole or something planted in a place of significance, they stand vigil, saying the silent prayer that helps peace prevail on the earth.

Size and sides of Garden Peace Pole

In general, your garden peace pole can have four or more sides. The size can vary depending on your needs. If the peace pole is for personal use, one might not need a tall one. However, for the ones that represent a bigger population, the pole can go as big as required.

Now that you know the basics of peace poles, here is a quick trace back to the history.

History of Peace Poles

The story of peace poles started in the year 1916 with Masahisa Goi from Japan. The Hiroshima-Nagasaki attack signaled the world that we humans were off track, and chaos was prevailing. Peace and love were being taken over by rage and anger. It was confirmed that humanity wasn’t in harmony with the universe and its components.

Masahisa Goi promoted the prayer that was in the common interest of human beings. He also realized that the words expressed common human aspirations regardless of religion or nationality. So, if you have plans to get a garden peace pole for your home, you should definitely do so to keep things in line and allow peace to prevail.

Planting Your Garden Peace Pole

Planting your very own garden peace pole is a way to bring together people of varying culture, religion, as well as region to awaken, inspire, as well as uplift their conjoined consciousness. Let us tell you a quick story about Pandora’s Box that will help decode how hope helped establish peace in the world.

Known for her ever-increasing curiosity, Pandora was gifted a box with a key that was never to be opened. She was gifted this box by the Greek God Zeus. She was strictly instructed that the box should never be opened else; bad things might happen to the world. However, her curiosity grew stronger with each passing day, and finally, she opened up the box.

Soon enough, all the evil that was locked away in the box, such as jealousy, rage, anger, etc., were released into the world for the humans to deal with. People were all in chaos, and things started to get into turmoil. However, there was one last thing that came out of the box.

This one last thing was “Hope.” With the hope of helping the humans, peace prevailed and helped ease in the chaos. Although ancient mythology, hope, and peace are tied together, and peace poles represent the reign of peace over the evils of the world. So, if you have plans to get your very own garden peace pole, now is the time to do so.

But, how do you plant your garden peace pole?

Planting Process for Garden Peace Poles

With time being of the essence, everyone looks for things that are easy to work with. The garden peace poles by Peace-Pole require no use of cement for proper placement. Cement tends to take up a lot of time to dry and can be harder to remove in case you want your peace pole to be shifted from one spot to another.

With our peace poles, all you need is to dig a hot that is about 20 inches deep. To make the work easier, you can use a post-hole digger. Now, set this garden peace pole within this hole and fill the same back with the earth that was just dug out from the hole.

Depending on the common languages spoken by you and your community, the garden peace pole can be customized. Given the 9 feet height of the peace poles, you can add 8 peace messages on the 4 sides of the same. So, if you want your peace pole to list 8 different languages, it can easily be done. You can also customize the same to represent all the messages in a single language.

Why should you choose a weather-proof garden peace pole?

Regardless of the material used to construct your garden peace pole, it should completely be weather-proof to last through the years. One thing that is sure for your peace pole is that it should stand for years and spread out the message of peace and hope to the complete humanity. In general, there are three types of materials used for peace poles that include limestone, stainless steel, as well as granite.

  • Stainless Steel Peace Poles:

The stainless steel garden peace pole is basically free from any maintenance needs. Plus, it will last you 1000s of years, so that is definitely something for you to check out. The underlying pole within this garden peace pole is constructed from stainless steel variant known as 304. It comes with a mottling copper patina reminiscent.

On the other hand, the stainless steel for text is made up of 316, which never loses its shine. This means it will definitely stand out in contrast to the darker steel underneath.

  • Limestone Peace Poles:

Stone is one of the ideal choices for a garden peace pole. They last for centuries or more, which makes it perfect for any legacy item. Also, it feels complete regal. It comes with a stateliness & solidity that surely serves the message perfectly.

  • Granite Peace Pole:

The granite peace poles reflect the same features, such as limestone. Just the materials is granite. It is just another variant of the stone-based poles.


The peace poles do not just have the peace message inscribed into it. It also has a peace crane added to the poles. If you want to have your very own garden peace pole that stands as a reminder of everything that is beautiful and everything that is hopeful about the world, we say go for it. Regardless of where you live, a peace pole can help you keep up the faith through the toughest times. Not just you, it also helps inspire the larger population starting from your neighbors as well.

Looking for a great garden peace pole to serve as a constant reminder for you that peace will ultimately prevail? At Peace-Pole, we bring to you some of the best quality as well as sturdiest garden peace poles that prevail through time. Our peace poles can be customized as per your requirement, depending on the material, message, and language inscribed onto the same. To order your very own garden peace pole today, give us a quick call at 513-348-4744. You can also sign up for our newsletter to get quick updates on the peace poles made by us.

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