Aluminum Peace Pole

Aluminum peace pole with dark gray text saying "May peace prevail on earth" in 4 to 8 languages

Aluminum Peace Pole Price
Price . . . $950 (free shipping)
translations included. Over 160 available.
Additional peace pole languages are $75 each. 2 can fit on each side, so 4 additional are possible for a total of 8.
The post is 8 feet long and is a little taller than 6 feet after planting.
10 foot version also is available.
To ask questions or place an order, text or call me at 513-348-4744

Planting / Installing
No cement is necessary to plant these peace poles. Just use a post hole digger to dig a hole 20 inches deep. Set the pole in it and back fill it with the earth that came out of the hole (see Installation).

The text is etched in, not painted on. It is the aluminum of the pole that has been chemically darkened.

Aluminum 6063
6063 is the kind of aluminum of which this peace pole is made. It is particularly good at standing up to weather.

Taller Versions Available
10 foot pole is $1,250 (shipping limits make this 116 inches long – 4 inches short of 10 feet)

A 12 foot version would have to come in a wooden crate on a truck and so would end up costing $1,850.

I made six of these this year before I finally thought to post this page about them, but I had not taken a photo of any – which is normal for me. Someone asking about different kinds of peace poles made it occur to me that I should put this page here. So I made half of an aluminum peace pole to take a photo of for this page. I plan to take photos of the next ones I make. But it would help if you, if you order one, took a photo of it after planting it, or even better, while planting it and/or dedicating it, so I can post those here too.