Aluminum Peace Pole

Aluminum peace pole with dark gray text saying "May peace prevail on earth" in 4 to 8 languages

Aluminum Peace Pole Price
Price . . . $950 (free shipping)
translations included. Over 160 available.
Additional peace pole languages are $75 each. 2 can fit on each side, so 4 additional are possible for a total of 8.
The post is 8 feet long and is a little taller than 6 feet after planting.
10 foot version also is available.
To ask questions or place an order, text or call me at 513-348-4744

Planting / Installing
No cement is necessary to plant these peace poles. Just use a post hole digger to dig a hole 20 inches deep. Set the pole in it and back fill it with the earth that came out of the hole (see Installation).

The text is etched in, not painted on. The aluminum has been darkened chemically to form the letters.

Taller Versions Available
10 foot pole is $1,250 (shipping costs skyrocket at 10 ft so this is 116 inches long – 4 inches short of 10 feet)

A 12 foot version would have to come in a wooden crate on a truck and end up costing $1,850.

Making them Cooler
For 20 years I did not make peace poles out of aluminum. From time to time someone would ask if I would and I declined. I did not like aluminum and didn’t have any in my shop. I worked with bronze and copper and stainless steel.

Finally someone prevailed upon me. The pandemic had hit. Hardly anyone was buying anything. I had the time and a customer who had approached me before asked again if I would make them out of aluminum. They were prepared to order half a dozen if I would.

When their shipment arrived they said that they had purchased aluminum peace poles from everyone and mine were what they had been looking for.

I am the high end peace pole maker. Making sculpture out of metal is what I do when I am not making peace poles. And I’m a perfectionist. There are cheaper ways to make peace poles, even out of aluminum. Now I’m tooling up (buying additional equipment because in some ways aluminum is different than any other metal) and designing more interesting prototypes in order to make aluminum peace poles cooler.

It’s what I do. I can’t help it.