Large Stainless Peace Poles

Large Stainless Peace Pole with people next to it for perspective

Peace poles, like this one in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, will outlast Stonehenge and the Sphinx because back then they did not have stainless steel. These are built to last millennia.

12 foot tall stainless peace pole with raised text
Castro Valley stainless Peace Pole with raised text

Since the text is saying the same thing in different languages, it is a Rosetta Stone for the future. And it is saying, “Peace.”

Stainless peace pole with cap set akilter
Once in a while someone allows us to make a peace pole fun, like this one in Tacoma.
Looking up at the raised text on peace pole against the blue sky
A vertical view of raised text on stainless peace pole

I maintain my own site and inadvertently deleted this page. I’m working on rebuilding it (after I finish making a peace pole). But briefly, these are in the $60,000 range, including shipping.