Large Stainless Peace Poles

This one is 14 ft tall, has 7 sides and raised text.

Large Stainless Peace Pole with people next to it for perspective
Two of the Rotary Club members who helped to make this Monroeville, PA peace pole happen.

There are 30 translations on this one. 7 of them are the full phrase “May peace prevail on earth.” The rest are the word Peace in 27 different languages. A label, identifying which language is which, is etched below each translation.

Looking up at the raised text on peace pole against the blue sky
A vertical view of the raised text on the peace pole.

The Raised Text
The text is made out of a type of stainless steel they call 316. It is more expensive because it has more nickel than normal stainless steel and will stay shiny like this forever. These need no maintenance and are built to last for millennia.

Raised text on a peace pole
Raised stainless steel text.

I make a less expensive 4-sided-stainless peace pole. Click here to see it on another page.
Above on this page is a 14-Foot Tall, 7-Sided, Stainless Steel Peace Pole with raised text.
Price: $29,000 (free shipping).
10% off before June. 20% before April 2022.
Includes 14 translations of the Peace phrase.

Shown below are 6-Sided, Stainless Steel Peace Poles with raised text.
Price: $25,000 for 12 feet (free shipping).
10% off before June. 20% before April 2022.
Includes 12 translations of the Peace phrase. More languages can be included by using the single word Peace instead of the full phrase for some of the translations.

Heights are measured from the ground up and do not include the several feet underground.

Tacoma's Peace Pole under construction
6-Sided Peace Pole

Planting / Installing
No cement is necessary to plant these peace poles. Just dig a narrow hole with straight sides (42 inches deep for a 14 ft pole) and big around enough for the diameter of the pole. It is important to disturb as little soil around the narrow hole as possible. Set the pole in it and back fill it with the earth that came out of the hole (see Installation). That is better than installing it in cement for several reasons, all of which I will be happy to tell you.

A view of the raised text from when the peace pole was laying on my sawhorses outside
Raised text on peace pole on sawhorses.
12 foot tall stainless peace pole with raised text
Oakland, CA area stainless Peace Pole with raised text

The Oakland peace pole seen above is in Lake Chabot park in Castro Valley (near the marina). They wanted a softer cap it so I made this one for them.

In Tacoma, Washington they wanted a cap that would make their peace pole look less like a missile.

Stainless peace pole with cap set akilter
Tacoma Peace Pole with cap leaning to look less like a missile.

This Peace Pole has14 translations on it – one for each of their Sister Cities – deepening their already existing effort to reach out to the people of the world in peace. Tacoma is a port city that is constantly in touch with people from other countries.

My second attempt at a cap for the Tacoma Peace Pole
This was the second cap I put on the Tacoma Peace Pole, but it looked even more like a missile.

The first cap I put on the Tacoma Peace Pole was the standard cap. But one of the people organizing the purchase of this Peace Pole thought it looked too much like a missile. One of the other organizers liked the pointed cap. On paper the cap pictured above looked like the solution to satisfy both of them, but once it was on the pole it looked more like a missile than the first one. So I then made the third version, the leaning one. I, myself, did not mind having it look like a peace missile, since the phrase is about waging peace, making it prevail, but I want everyone to be happy. Besides, for twenty years I have been saying I wanted to make peace poles that made some people laugh. This isn’t a war memorial. It is about peace. Is there anything that makes people feel at peace more than laughing? In the hundreds of peace poles I have made, this is only the second one that does that. I am told that people get close to it, see where it says “Whoops” at the base of the leaning cap, and laugh.


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