Copper Peace Poles

The copper peace pole above is in Ontario, Canada. This was taken at an angle that distorts it’s shape a bit. A better photo of it is on this site at this link.

I had to stop making copper peace poles. Copper used to be my most popular peace pole, but a very powerful person decided to become as difficult as he could about a couple of peace poles he ordered from me, even before he received them. Like he, a billionaire, kept me working 5 hours on a Sunday to save him $10 on shipping, back when I used to charge for shipping. He had nothing better to do on a Sunday than repeatedly call me to keep me working on that?

It got worse. Especially after he received them. He began having other people order them and do the same things he had done. It was never going to end. To make them affordable I had been working for starvation wages and this was making me lose money. Working hard to lose money finally stopped me from making peace poles out of copper in order to escape him.

That’s not news I like putting on a site about peace poles. But people ask why I don’t make them anymore. I didn’t even have photos of them here for a long time, but a tech guy said I need to for the search engines. So there is the one at the top of this page and a different one in a blog post at this link.

And all I wanted to do was serve the cause of peace.

Once in a while I think about a different way to make them – brazing bronze or stainless text onto the copper pole. I wonder if that would be different enough to keep the billionaire off my back. I also wonder if anyone could afford that.