Peace Pole Plaque

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Stainless Plaque on Wooden Peace Pole

Stainless peace pole plaque on cedar pole, peace pole maker Joel Selmeier
This stainless plaque will last millennia. If the wood chosen does not also last millennia, the plaque can be moved to a new piece of wood.

The slots between words are where screws can be inserted. You can see three that already have in this image.

I recommend getting a 10 foot 6 inch by 6 inch cedar post, rather than the 8 foot 4 by 4 shown. It will bring more presence to the work. Size matters.

The smaller cedar posts tend to be smooth, clear wood, which makes them almost as expensive as the larger posts that are not as smooth and knot-free.

These plaques are $200 each and will be cut to fit the size peace pole that you get.

Over 160 translations are available. This plaque shows the German translation of “May peace prevail on earth.”

I also can make a stainless or a copper cap for your peace pole for $150.

Tall pointed copper peace pole cap on a 6 inch by 6 inch wooden pole
Tall pointed copper peace pole cap on Karen Bieschke’s 6 inch by 6 inch wooden pole

But for free you could cut a point into the top of your pole with a circular saw as I did in the photo below.

Top of wooden peace pole cut into a point with a circular saw.
The top of this peace pole was cut into a point with a circular saw.

If you want something more hand-carved looking, you can see my video about how to carve a point for a cap with a knife at this link. This 45 second video shows me doing it in 20 minutes with a $20 chef’s knife from my kitchen. I used a piece of a 2 by 2 as a striker instead of a hammer (a hammer wouldn’t have been good for the knife). I set the knife where I wanted to remove wood and then hit it with the striker so the blade always was going away from me.

An even quicker version would be carving just two sides into a shed roof shape, like the one in the photo below that was a practice one that I’ve been using for a doorstop in my shop for years.

Top of a wooden peace pole carved into a shed roof shape for a cap
The top of this piece of wood was was carved into a shed roof shape for practice before doing it to an actual peace pole.

Whatever you do, do not buy a wooden fence post cap from a store and slap it on there. They just look wrong.

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