Granite Peace Poles

This photo is of the top of a peace pole, a view not seen anywhere else, and one that provides a good look at the stone close up.

It’s the same as the Limestone Peace Pole only made of Granite. See that page for more about stone poles in general.

Granite Peace Pole Price
$9,500 (free shipping)
7 translations included. Additional peace pole languages are $100 each. 2 translations can fit on each side for a total of 14.
It is 7 feet tall after planting.

Planting – Installing
For installation instructions click here, but all that is required is a 31″ deep post hole. No cement is necessary. Once the pole is in it tamp the earth that came out of the hole back in around it. It makes the peace pole more or less invisible in the earth, which is good, by having what is holding it up just be more of the same earth that is surrounding it.