Text-Only Peace Poles

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These are peace poles that have text sturdy enough not to need a pole.

A peace pole made only of text with no pole
Text-Only Peace Pole

Pictured here is a rough draft in 1/4 inch steel with translations just 28 inches long. I created it to flesh out the concept and see if anybody would find it interesting. The final version could be made with 1/2 inch stainless steel and translations about 10 ft long.

A problem with peace poles is that people who know nothing about them do not find them uninteresting. I put this one in an art studio during an Art-Walk and some people spent five or ten minutes looking at it, a few spent fifteen. When they learned that the text was translations of “May peace prevail on earth” in different languages they became even more interested.  I have been through that with it now for at least two dozen art shows and it has proved to be more interesting than normal peace poles, at least to people who are not familiar with them.

I now have two more designs for a Text-Only Peace Pole. Eventually I hope to have photos of larger prototypes of them here.

I’m going to have to add an extra paragraph to my page about Planting/Installing peace poles to cover how this kind would be.

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