Text-Only Peace Poles

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These are peace poles that have text that is sturdy enough not to need a pole. The peace pole languages are welded together to make them into something like a pole without the pole.

A peace pole made only of text with no pole
Text-Only Peace Pole

Pictured here is a rough draft in 1/4 inch steel with translations smaller than would be in a finished peace pole. I only was fleshing out the concept for myself and then posting it here to see if anybody finds it interesting. What has been interesting is the interest from people who do not know what a peace pole is, but who found this design interesting. The final version could be made with thicker stainless steel and bigger letters.

When I put peace poles in an art gallery, people who know nothing about them do not find them to be as interesting as most other art in the gallery. Except with this one. I put this one in an art studio during an Art-Walk and some people spent five or ten minutes looking at it, a few spent fifteen. When they learned that the text was translations of “May peace prevail on earth” they became even more interested.  I have been through that with it now for at least two dozen art shows and it has proved to be more interesting to people than normal peace poles.

Somewhere there is a place for a large version of this. It probably would be the only one ever.

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