7-Sided Peace Pole

On Pinterest is a photo of one of my 7-Sided Peace Poles, but linked to someone else’s site. So I put this here so someone could find it with a search if they really wanted to.

7-Sided Peace Pole
7-sided copper peace pole back-lit by rising sun

Above is a 7-sided copper peace pole with the single word “Peace” etched into it many times, rather than the traditional phrase “May peace prevail on earth.” The one of mine like it on Pinterest had phrases, but some of them were like “Be the change” because that is what the customer requested. The one on Pinterest appears on a number of pages including the one at this link:

Currently the 7-sided peace poles that I offer on this site are made of stone.

By Joel

I'm a sculptor who makes monuments to peace (peace poles) built to last millennia, mainly for campuses, parks and churches, but also for some individuals. Some of my other sculpture can be seen at

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